Rainbow Bridge Photo Sessions

Are you familiar with the beautiful Rainbow Bridge Poem? Although you’ll find several versions (one is below), it describes that magical place where our beloved older pets go to be young, healthy, and active again and where we will once again reunite with them when our own time comes to leave this world.

While waiting for that time, and dealing with the sadness associated with realizing that your dog may not be with you forever, you may wish for photos of those last sweet moments with your best friend. That’s when you may wish to Schedule a Rainbow Bridge Photo Session.

How Does the Rainbow Bridge Photo Session Work?

The most important aspect of this photo session is making sure that the images are taken at the comfort of your dog, and ideally outdoors to get the benefit of natural light. My goal is to capture those candids shots of love between you and your dog so you have them forever.

Details About the Photo Sessions

Sessions are up to one hour in length so as not to tire out your terminally ill or aging dog.

Unlike other sessions, you can reschedule the Rainbow Bridge photo session at the last moment if your dog is having a bad day or had a bad night. No problem.

As you might imagine, time is of the essence. Once you learn of your dog’s prognosis, schedule your photoshoot as soon as possible. If you’re not sure about timing, reach out to me so I can be aware.

Details About the Photos You’ll Receive

With this session, you have the option to have images converted to black and white to create a more intimate look to the photos. 

You will receive a complimentary watermarked social media images of all the images you choose for wall and table top art.

Finally, you’ll receive complimentary 2 8×10 styrene mounted prints. 

Styrene is a thick foam core backing onto the image. It also has a protective finish so it can be mounted in an easel or without glass in a frame. 

Here’s an example of that type of print.

What Questions Do You Have About Rainbow Bridge Photo Sessions?

Let me know what questions you have about these sessions.

As I mentioned earlier, this is all getting those candids shots of love between your best friend and you, in a setting and at a time that’s comfortable for your dog so you have those memories before it’s too late.  

Are you familiar with the beautiful Rainbow Bridge Poem?

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