What Makes a Professional Dog Portrait Stand Out?

With ever-improving mobile device phones, why should you bother with a professional photographer for your dog’s portrait?

Here are five reasons for doing so.

Five Reasons for a Professional Dog Portrait

1. The Quality of the Images taken in RAW format of Your Dog

Professionally taken photos have extremely high resolution.

Very high resolution gives you sharp crisp images, allows for special editing and also for enlarging the images you choose to much larger sizes than you could get with cell phone images.

The quality of the color is also excellent.

2. Specialized Photographic Equipment

Professional photographers use different camera lenses so they can get close to the subject, or capture the subject from far away, as well as capture wide angle views.

They will make use of a tripod when necessary to stabilize the shot and protect it from camera shake.

The camera itself can be adjusted to allow more or less light into the image.

A professional camera can take high speed photos with rapid firing of the shutter. This also means that you can freeze movement. For example, you can photograph an action shot of your dog running, jumping, swimming and more.

Let’s not forget the noisemakers that get your dog’s attention to capture “the keeper” shot! Professional pet photographers have a vast collection of specialized ones to pull from.

3. Post Processing Photo Magic

Your photography experience is not complete until your images are completely finished in the digital darkroom. All images you order go through the full retouching process to remove leashes, eye boogies, and other distractions.

In fact, I would say that 95% of the images in my portfolio were taken WITH a leash. This is especially important to keep your pet safe while shooting in public.

Here’s an example.

In the first image, you see Trike on a leash, with a human holding the leash.

In the first image, you see Trike on a leash, with a human holding the leash.

In this finished image of Trike, you see no human, and no leash. The original image was cropped, the leash and human was removed, and the colors enhanced.

4. Photos of You With Your Best Friend

As fun as a selfie is, nothing beats having professional photos taken of you with your dog. It’s not a hit or miss affair. Rather, it’s a testament to the strong relationship you both have with one another. You can relax with your best friend, and enjoy the experience.

5. Make the Impossible Photograph Possible

Here’s an extreme example of making the impossible photograph happen thanks to professional photographic knowledge and experience.

To raise money for the West Milford, NJ animal shelter in October 2019, I created a professional photograph of two dogs, Lexi and Turbo who were at the time two-year old Border Collie Mixes dressed as a married couple.

The photo shoot took place at Pequannock Feed & Pet Supply in West Milford at Halloween. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful setting – perfect for photos! Just one problem: both dogs wouldn’t fit together on the bale of hay.

The solution? I took separate images of the two, and then combined them into one.

The collage below shows you the process.

This is a test! There is still one thing incorrect about the final image. Do you see it? Tell me what it is when you contact me about getting your best friend’s photo shoot scheduled. When you place your wall art order after the photo shoot, I will gift you a 5×7 print if you are correct!

Make the Impossible Photograph Possible

Ready to Schedule Your Dog’s Professionally Photographed Portrait?

Have I convinced you about the value of having your dog’s portrait done with a professional photographer?

You’ll love the final results.

Thanks for reading.

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