Wayne Subaru Celebrates Dogs

Aftering seeing a commerical about Subaru celebrating the “underdogs” of America, showing images of special needs dogs. I knew I had to find out more about it, so I contacted my local Wayne Subaru dealership. The result was a very interesting interview with a gracious manager there.

I had the opportunity to interview the marketing manager Charles Moltane about their Make A Dog’s Day promotion which is celebrated on October 22nd each year. The promotion runs the entire month of October. Wayne Subaru donates $100 to a local animal shelter of their choice every time a dog is adopted from their shelter. This is what I learned about the program.

Charles Moltane

Questions for Charles Moltane

LF: Tell me a little about your career background

CM: I have been in the car business since 2007. I came in for a part time sales position and I have now been with Subaru for 6 1/2 years. My career has always been in customer service, support and sales. This is where I found myself. The dealership is wonderful. The dealership owner is the most fair, honest and transparent person you will find in the car business and that is the way he runs this dealership.

LF: Do you live with a dog?

CM: No, I personally do not own a dog because my wife is allergic to anything with fur! My sister however, who lives locally, acquired a specially trained Shitz Shu for people with Autism. She has a daughter with Aspergers. The dog provides a lot of support and comfort from the anxiety of this disorder.

Subaru is very passionate in social issues like homeless dogs

LF: Can you tell me how the Make A Dog’s Day program came to be?

CM: Orignially it was “Subaru Loves Pets”. Since then they decided to make Oct 22nd Make a Dog’s Day to really focus on pets. One of their best commericals ever was in 2018 in which they showed dogs driving and doing different human things but never mentioned Subaru. Dogs are a big part of what Subaru is as a company as well as a lot of social issues that they have built their brand around. They started with a program called Share The Love. Raising money for many charitable organizations.


LF: How does the program work?

CM: This year with the COVID Virus, Subaru has changed things up a bit. In years past we would collect food, pet supplies and toys that we would bring to the local animal shelter that we were sponsoring. This year, Subaru decided to create this program, where every pet that is adopted, Subaru will donate $100 towards the adoption process. As you know this has become more and more of an ordeal and expensive to adopt a dog. The shelter lets us know every time a dog is adopted and at the end of the month Subaru will cut a check to them for the number of adoptions.

Dogs are a big part of what Subaru is all about

LF: Why did you choose the Bloomingdale Animal Shelter to sponsor?

CM: It’s really that the animal shelter has shown a need to provide and promote opportunity for adoption. Bloomingdale Animal Shelter has shown a need and great appreciation since the first year we started working with them. Once we find a local shelter that we can develop a good rapport with we stick with them.


LF: Do you sell a “pet friendly” vehicle?

CM: Our SUV’s are definately built to accomodate dogs. We have the cargo area, back seat protectors and a rear and front seat screen. We even sell pet friendly accessories such as dog bowls and beds.

LF: What are your hopes for the future with this program?

CM: The program has been around about nine years. I hope to build on the relationship with the animal shelter and make the public more aware of Subaru’s involvement with pets. Every year it has been more successful. If you adopt a pet from the animal shelter that we are sponsoring, let us know about it! We will even put it up on our website that the dog was adopted.

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