Why Lisa Feury Loves Photographing Dogs

I’m Lisa Feury, owner and founder of Your Best Friend Pet Photography in Northern New Jersey. I love capturing in photographs that special loving bond that pet owners, and specifically dog owners, have with their best friends.

In this article, I’ll share a bit more information about me and why I love photography and photographing dogs in particular.

Nine Questions About Lisa, Dogs and Photography

How many dogs have you owned?

In my lifetime, I’ve owned 4 dogs. 

I always felt as though the dogs I walked professionally were like my own as well.  There was one in particular who tugged at my heart.  Her name was Zoey, a yellow Lab.

Maybe that’s why I care so much about pet adoptions, therapy dogs and special needs dogs. I’ve created a blog series that you might want to read about:

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Why did you start the pet sitting/dog walking business?

It started because I really enjoy a dog’s company, I love to hike and walk, and I didn’t want to work for anyone else again.  I wanted to be my own boss.

Photography quickly became part of the picture.

I would photos of my clients’ pets to give them as gifts. They were so impressed and touched when they received them. That photo I took became a cherished memory of their beloved pet that they could look at long after they were gone.

That’s how I came to realize why I loved taking those pictures so much. It gave the owners joy to look at them while their dog was still with them and comfort afterward when the dog was gone.

What do you love most about photography?

I like the creative process of deciding how to compose the shot and then editing it in Photoshop and Lightroom to get the image just how I want it based on the conversations I’ve had with the dog’s owner.

What is your favorite camera?

I have always been a Canon person. I received my first Canon – a 35mm film camera – for my 23rd birthday.

What is the most challenging pet photo situation you’ve encountered?

I once had a dog owner who tried to take over the photo shoot and boss me around.  I have since learned to take charge right out the gate.  

And that includes making sure that I’m the only one to give dog treats out during the session!

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Which are your favorite photo tricks and effects?

My favorite photo trick? The wild animal calls I wear around my neck to get the dog’s head to turn. 

I love the Bokeh effect of using a small f stop on the camera settings.  It blurs out the background and, if the sun is setting, you get the twinkling “Bokeh” effect. 

Talk about your background in fashion? How have you used it? How is it useful for photo sessions?

I sold fine jewelry for 20 years and learned how to deal with people, how to make them feel special, and how to find out what they needed and wanted. 

That understanding of fashion became useful in professional photography not just to understand what dog owners want and need, but also because I can make recommendations for the photo sessions.

It’s another skill I can rely on.

What do you like to do when you’re not photographing dogs?

I still enjoy walking and I love taking photos of wildlife. I like to kayak, and I sing in a local chorus. We perform two concerts a year. Oh, and I collect vintage glassware.

Which are your favorite northern New Jersey locations and why?

The Ramapo State Forest is my favorite!  I can’t hike up there any longer because of a knee injury but it’s a beautiful walk around the lake once you get to the top. 

Then, there’s Wawayanda State Park.  It has beautiful hiking trails and great lake to kayak in.

What Questions Do You Have for Lisa About Dogs and Photographs?

Let us know in the comments.

When you’re ready to schedule a photo session for your dog, please consider getting started with Your Best Friend Pet Photography in northern New Jersey.

Thanks for reading.

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