Holiday Porch Sessions

 Schedule Your family Holiday Porch Session Now

Schedule Your Family Holiday Porch Session Now

It takes a few weeks of planning and you will want to have the image to use in your holiday cards! Your Best Friend Pet Photography will use a long lens to keep a safe distance as a COVID precaution. Click below to pick a date and time to schedule

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What’s Involved in a Holiday Porch Session?

Your Best Friend Pet Photography will come to your home and using COVID precautions take a series of images for you to use in your holiday cards and to enlarge and use in a beautiful selection of wall and table top art. This will take 1/2 hour. You can learn all about Holiday sessions here: Sessions

What is The Cost Of a Holiday Porch Session?

The cost of the shoot is just $75.00 for 1/2 hour and includes social media size unwatermarked digital access to one of your favorite images to be used in your holiday cards. You will also receive a product credit of $75.00 towards the purchase of wall and table top art.

What is the Cost of a Holiday Porch Session?

What is The Best Time to Schedule a Holiday Porch Session?

The best time of day for any photo shoot is typically 2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset. For this specialized shoot, it will also depend where the sun sets and rises in relation to your front porch. This will all be decided during our inital conversation!

How to Prepare For The Shoot?

Try to coordinate your outfits. Not too many different patterns and prints except if we are doing an ugly sweater shoot! Make sure your dog (s) is exercised and not too full so treats will be a motivation! You may wish to bring a few presents outside as props as well or wear festive Santa or elf hats!

Ready to Schedule Your Shoot?

Dates and times are limited so just click the link below soon!

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