Axel The Special Needs German Shepherd

I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful 1 1/2 year old German Shepherd at Garrett Mountain Reservation. His owner was the winner of a Tricky Tray that I donated to, held by the Start Animal Rescue Group. We had a spectacularly beautiful fall day with many people and their dogs walking about. I got to interview his owner Kym LaMarr about how she came to own Axel.

LF: How did you come to own Axel?

KLM: I have always had German Shepherds. When my last shepherd Katie passed away and went to the Rainbow Bridge, I was not sure I wanted another dog. My friend Debbie found 6 month old Axel for me. He had some medical issues and needed a foster home.

LF: Tell me about Axel’s backstory before you adopted him. How many previous owners did he have? Where is he originally from?

KLM: We do know he originally came from a breeder that did not want him back. Axel had 3 owners during his first 6 months of life. He ended up in a shelter called RBARI because he had a bulging eye which may have been caused by Glaucoma or an eye injury. Glaucoma in a young dog is rare. My guess is that the previous owners did not want to pay for Axel’s surgery and were afraid of the unknown. If it was determined he did have Glaucoma, he would lose the other eye as well.

LF: What was the medical issue determined to be and who paid for the surgery?

KLM: RBARI sent out an email and posted it on their facebook page to help raise money for Axel’s surgery.

LF: Why did you want to adopt a dog with medical issues?

KLM: I work with a cat rescue and I know how hard it is to adopt out animals that are not perfect. I knew I would love Axel no matter what the end game was. Once I adopted him, I took him to an eye specialist. It is unclear at this time if he has Glaucoma and if he will need the other eye removed.

Axel is loved as a whole spirit

LF: What advice would you give to others considering adopting a large breed dog with a disability?

KLM: I don’t consider Axel special needs because I don’t see him with just one eye. Most people that adopt special needs dogs don’t see their dog’s disability. That being said I would just say that animals with special needs deal very well with their disability.

We will love him however his disability plays out in the future

LF: How would you define your relationship with Axel?

KLM: Axel means everything to me. He is a companion, a watch dog and my best friend. My dogs have always been considered a part of our family.

LF: Was the photo shoot what you expected? Were you happy with it?

KLM: The photoshoot was great! I was expecting Axel to misbehave because it was new to him. To my surprise he was great but was getting tired by the end.

LF: Were you happy with the images you received from Your Best Friend Pet Photography?

KLM: The images were great! We loved everyone of them! My favorite image is the one of Axel and I! Funny, because I did not want to be in the pictures when we started the shoot.

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