Tips For New Dog Owners Going Back to Work After COVID (From a Pet Photographer?)

I know many people decided to adopt a dog during their stay at home during this COVID pandemic. Going back to work presents you with a new problem. What to do about dog care?

You may be asking your self what a professional pet photographer knows about giving tips on owning a new dog. I was a professional dog walker before getting into pet photography so I know a thing or two about caring for them! I was the owner of Trustworthy Dog Care for 10 years. I learned some things along the way I would like to share with you as far as leaving your dog home alone.

Who Will Care For my New Dog When I go Back to Work After COVID?

You have three options. You can leave them in a doggie daycare, leave them home to be checked in on by neighbor or hired a professional dog walker. Let’s explore a few pros and cons of each.

Doggie Daycare

This is a great option for socializing your dog. Although it comes with problems such as your dog picking up conditions from the other dogs. There can also be issues with your dog being attacked by another dog during play time in their “dog park”.

A Neighbor

Although your dog may love being home this requires you to trust that the neighbor will make it to your home in time before your dog has an accident in the house or gets destructive because of boredom.

A Professional Dog Walker

Hiring a professional dog walker in my opnion is the best way to go. Although it may be the most expensive, you are getting the best of both worlds. Your dog is home, not in a noisy doggie daycare and being cared for by a professional you can depend on.

Puppies will require more than one visit a day

How do I Find a Reputable Dog Walker?

By recomendation or by using a website like the professional pet sitters International. you can plug in what services you want and your zip code and a professionals in your area will populate.

What do I Need to Know About Hiring a Dog Walker?

Make sure they are insured against anything being damaged or missing in your home and injury to your dog. Compare pricing to the other dog walker options you are given Have them come to your home and meet you and your dog at least once before hiring them. Observe how they interact with your dog and how your dog responds to them. Ask how long they have been in business, how long the “walk ” is and how long they stay at your home. You will need to give them a key to your home and or the alarm access code so get references to check out their credibility and dependability.

Hiring a pet sitter in my opnion is the best and most loving option

What Should I Require of Them?

Requrie them to come at the time(s) your need them. For puppies this will rquire more than one visit a day, no more than 3 hours apart. For adult dogs midway between the time you leave for work in the morning and when you get home. Require at least a 1/2 hour visit with a 20 minuite walk included. Ask them to leave you note (which they should do anyway) on what transpired during their visit and what time they arrive. For example ” Shadow had a nice walk today, did his buisness and was given fresh water and his treats”

What Else Should I Know About Leaving my New Dog Home Alone?

I have found that many dogs benefit from classical music or the tv being left on for them to relieve anxiety. Some dogs need to being crated when left alone to avoid accidents or destruction. I would not leave crated dogs alone more than 3 hours. In my opinion, it’s cruel. They have no access to water and if they have an accident are forced sitting near it.

What About When You are Able to Travel Again?

My opinion is the same. If you are not going to leave your dog in a daycare or depend on a neighbor for the day, why would you for a week or more? It may be more expensive but it is in my opnion the best and most loving option for your dog. Three visits a day will be required. Morning, afternoon and evening.

Bailey, one of my last clients. Taken in 2016

How I Went From Pet Sitting to Pet Photography?

During my 10 years pet sitting I starting taking photos of my clients’ dogs, enlarging and and giving them as presents. I also did photos with Santa and the Easter Bunny in partner with local pet supply stores and animal sheltes. When I suffered a knee injury and couldn’t dog walk as a profession any longer, I decided to turn my hobby into a business. The years I spent pet sitting not only improved my photography skills but also taught be patience and how to read dogs!

Ceasar, my very first client back in 2006

Thinking of Having Your New Best Friend Professionally Photographed?

Options for a pet photo shoot

I offer several different types of sessions to fit all budgets including classic, petite, rainbow bridge, seasonal and porch sessions!

Just click here for all the details! Thanks for reading!


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