Special Needs Dogs And Their Humans

A special bond with a special dog. I admire and I am fascinated by the relationship between a dog with a disability and the person who chooses to adopt such a dog.

I have started a journey this year to devote my efforts in my pet photography to finding these special dogs and their owners. I want to know your story. How did you come to find your best friend? What were the motivating factors that persuaded you to adopt this dog? What are the challenges that your dog and you face?

The story of Trike

This is the first dog I have met. He is a young Pitbull that was living at the Wayne NJ Animal shelter until his adoption several months ago to a family in Sparta New Jersey. Trike had no disability in his mind as I walked with him and animal control officer Jim Feury to photograph him last summer. He was energetic and friendly. We don’t know his backstory of how he came to loose his leg. I am planning to interview his new family to find out how they came to the decision to adopt a special needs dog.

Trike and animal control officer Jim Feury

Axel’s Story

I came to meet Axel and his owner Kym after she won a gift certificate for a photoshoot at a tricky tray hosted by Start animal rescue. His owner Kym has always owned German Shepards. When she met Axel during her volunteer work at RBARI , an animal rescue in Oakland New Jersey her heart melted and she knew she had to take him. He needed to have an eye removed so the disease would not spread to his other eye. His previous owner gave him up because they did not want the expense and care of him. He actually had 3 different previous owners who did not want the responsibility as well. It takes a special and dedicated person to want to take on a dog with a disability. Kym was that person for Axel. As it turned out, RBARI helped pay for the operation.

We met a Garret Mountain reservation in Woodlawn Park last fall. Kym was hesitant about the photoshoot because she thought Axel would get agitated by all the people and dogs walking about on the beautiful fall day we met there. Axel was great and I got some great shots. I had asked her several times before the shoot if she wanted to be included in the photos and she declined. The day of the shoot she changed her mind. This turned out to be her favorite image!

Axel and Kym on the rocky ledge overlooking the lake

Wanted! Special Needs Dogs!

I hope to have many more images and stories to share with you this year. If you know of anyone who has a dog with a disability please have them reach out to me to qualify for a free photoshoot and small gift print for participating! Call me at 201-264-7676 or email me at info@yourbestfriendnj.com. To quality for the shoot the information needed is the dog’s name, age, breed, disability, town you live in and your contact information.

Thanks for reading!


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