Winkie The Special Needs Pekingese

I had the pleasure of meeting Lynn Petermann a dog trainer with The Pooky Professor and her special needs Pekingese Winkie at Ringwood Botanical Gardens for a fun photo shoot. Lynne is also active with SNARR Special needs animal rescue.

Winkie’s Story

She was found running the streets of Texas with her eye hanging out. She was caught, eye removed, spayed, vetted. This Texas rescue who also in NY (SNARR North East) drove her up.

Lynne Petermann’s Story

After the loss of my male Pekingese (I adopted him as a senior and only had him for a year) my other dog at home was lonely. I did not want another dog. I was scrolling through my feed on facebook, and I saw a picture of her on a Pekingese group from the shelter, they didn’t really have no any experience with a small dog like a Pekingese. I immediately contacted them and asked if she was for adoption? They said yes so I immediately filled out an application (not for me, but as a companion for my lonely dog at home) we went through the application, we did zoom meetings since the shelter was an hour away and I was approved! My lonely girl and Winkie hit it off immediately, they are now a bonded pair. And not soon after that, I became her human, and she became mine. I took her to training classes and she passed with flying colors. She then became a therapy dog and now we visit nursing homes, hospice patients and we also meet with kids in schools and libraries to discuss bullying and that being a little different is unique and beautiful.   

Despite what happened to her she is the sweetest calmest easy going little girl. And for a little dog she quite athletic, she’s a great swimmer and she’s obsessed with tennis balls! 

Thanks for reading!

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