Meet Twyla

I headed to Jockey Hollow to photograph special needs German Shepard Twyla and her house mate Bentley.

She has been a great addition to our family and amazes us every day. Having three legs does not stop her in the slightest. 

Twyla owners adopted her from a family member who adopted her from a rescue. The rescue said she was friendly with cats, but she has a very high prey drive so when our family member took her home she kept trying to chase their two cats. They were going to return her to the rescue, but they decided since she got along so well with Bentley that they would give her a home.

 They “adopted“ her in January. The rescue pulled her from a shelter in West Virginia. The rescue didn’t give much info, just that she was an owner surrender with her leg missing already.  

You wouldnt even know she has three legs. She is super active and strong! 

On a changing weather Sunday we all met up at Jockey Hollow and Twyla who is a pure bread German Shepard who is somewhere between one and five years old and Bentley had a blast wandering through the beautiful park and stopping to pose for pictures. You certainly would not know Twyla was missing a leg by her boundless energy!

Twyla and her house mate Bentley were so much fun and great models! A good time was had by all!

Thanks for reading!

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