Meet Lisa

Have You Met the Owner of Your Best Friend Pet Photography?

Lisa Feury is the owner of Your Best Friend Pet Photography, based in Northern New Jersey. She is passionate about capturing your dog’s personality and that special bond you both have.

She knows firsthand how, when your pet becomes a member of your family, you welcome the opportunity to showcase him or her in your home in stunning photographic portraits just as you do the other members of your family. You never want to forget your best friend.

How Lisa Became a Dog Photographer

Lisa received her first 35mm film camera for her 23rd birthday. That’s when she fell in love with photographing dogs and wildlife.

When she started a pet-sitting business many years ago, she took photos of her clients’ pets to give them as gifts. As Lisa explains,

“I remember how impressed and touched they were receiving them. That photo I took became a cherished memory of their beloved pet that they could look at long after they were gone and remember the joy their pet gave them.

This is how I came to realize why I loved taking those pictures so much. It gave the owners joy looking at them while their pet was still with them and comfort after they were gone. I have lost two dogs over the years and I know how it feels. It’s great to look back at those photos and remember.”

Capturing Your Best Friend’s Personality in a Photograph

Lisa started her pet photography business with that in mind: capturing your best friend’s personality in a creative way.

Although you may see humans in her photos, Lisa is a 100% pet-focused photographer and the only way to get in front of her lens is to bring something with fur and paws with you!

As you explore her portfolio, you’ll notice that her true love is dogs.

Professional Photography Credentials

The owner of Your Best Friend Pet Photography is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and Sussex County College.   She regularly takes additional photography courses to further develop her expertise and stay abreast of the latest developments in digital technology. Lisa is Committed to Providing You and Your Dog with the Best Photo Experience Possible.

Lisa Feury strives to provide you with a remarkable keepsake of your cherished pet. Whether that means kneeling in the mud or tromping through the muck, she considers it worth it to get those great shots. She looks forward to creating beautiful images for you. 

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Meet Lady Delia

Delia is a 10-year old mixed-breed rescue.This photo of her was taken in her yard in Newfoundland, New Jersey during the summer of 2019.  Delia readily laid down and struck the perfect pose for Lisa – just like the lady she is.

Notice the blurred twinkly look in the background; this is known as the Bokeh lens effect.

Picture of a Dog Survivor

Here’s One-Eyed Jack, as the Wayne Animal Shelter affectionately named him. One-Eyed Jack is a mixed breed from an abusive home. This was taken at the Wayne, NJ Animal Shelter. There, too, you see the Bokeh lens effect. Jack has since been adopted.

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