Explore Your Best Friend Pet Photographer’s Portfolio of Dog Photographs

In this section, you’ll find several of the many photographs that Your Best Friend Pet Photographer has taken for dog lovers over the years in Northern New Jersey.

Your Best Friend Always Shines

Notice that, in each of these photographs, the subject of the photo – your best friend – shines. Your dog’s personality comes through intensely in a way you recognize immediately.

You’ll love the effect of natural light in a natural setting where your dog can be him or herself.

All Dogs Are Special

Your Best Friend Pet Photographer has captured puppies, youngsters, therapy dogs, special needs dogs, senior dogs, and more. All are special. As a dog owner, you know firsthand how special your best friend is. That’s what you want to see captured in your pet’s photos.

A Stress-Free Pet Photography Session

As you’ll learn when you explore the Experience section, the goal is for both of you to have a stress-free experience in a comfortable area where you both relax together and have fun while owner Lisa Feury takes photos of your best friend.

After all, you want these photos to fully capture your pet’s personality so you proudly display your art prints around your home or office.


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