What Types of Photo Sessions Are Available for My Dog?

You’ll find several types of photo sessions available from Your Best Friend Pet Photography in Northern New Jersey:

  • Classic Sessions
  • Petite Sessions
  • Holiday Sessions
  • Rainbow Bridge Sessions
  • Seasonal Sessions
  • Gift Certificate Photo Sessions

You’ll find more detail on each below.

Don’t forget that 100% of the photo session retainer converts into photo product credits toward your wall art purchase.

Classic and Petite Dog Photography Portrait Sessions

Session retainer is converted into a product credit towards your wall art purchase! 

Classic Session Petite Session   
Session retainer $295 Session retainer $195  
2 hours in location of your choice. 1 hour in location of your choice  
15 to 25 images to choose from  10 to 15 images to choose from  
Optional black and white photography Optional black and white photography  
Product Credit $295 Product credit $195  
Complimentary digital watermarked files of ordered for your use on social media Complimentary digital watermarked files of images ordered for your use social media  


Schedule your classic session here:

Schedule your petite session here:

Holiday Sessions

Get fun images of your best friend! To learn more about a holiday, contact me! Get Started

Holiday petite sessions are 1/2 hour sessions that take place on your front steps, porch, deck or small area by your house. Pricing is $125 and includes a small print bundle of 1 (8×10), 2 (5×7) and 8 wallets. They can take place for Valentines day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Schedule your Holiday petite session here:

Rainbow Bridge Sessions

Rainbow Bridge sessions are for those times when you know your best friend will be leaving you for the Rainbow Bridge.

For $195, you have a full hour photo session with your dog.

Learn more about this session by reading Rainbow Bridge Photo Sessions.

Schedule your Rainbow Bridge session here :

Seasonal Sessions

Another type of photo session available is seasonal.

For example, Fall Sessions take place in a beautiful Northern New Jersey park. For $195, you have a full hour photo session with your dog surrounded by the colorful and stunning fall foliage. There is also a sunflower session which has a very short time they are in bloom in late summer.

These are time sensitive and based on dates and time slots available and the season. Schedule your seasonal session here :

Gift Certificate Photo Sessions

If you are eligible for a gift certificate photo session, here is where you can make your appointment.

>> Book a gift certificate photo session for your dog!

Ready to get started with Pet Photo Sessions?

If you’re ready to get started, but not ready to pick a specific date/time, you can also complete the Get Started form, and we’ll be in touch with you.

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